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    • Mark Neville


      I love water. On it, in it or around it. Preferably with Laura and the kids... and a boat!

    • Mark Elderkin


      I am rugby mad (Harlequins season ticket holder). A keen road cyclist, my training regime involves running after my 6 & 3 year old kids!

    • Catherine Pillinger


      Proud Mum of 1, usually found playing with cars, dinosaurs, Nemo's Reef or watching the Octonauts and planning future family adventures

    • Katherine Chittenden


      I am loud, I am a farmer’s wife and my guilty pleasure is to watch Gossip Girl.

    • Claire Chapman


      I love going on holiday and I'm fortunate enough to have a friend who works in the travel industry which helps. I jumped out of a plane once with no nerves whatsoever!

    • Kevin Oleary


      I enjoy an active lifestyle and love travelling and experiencing different cultures.

    • Jacqui


      I love going to the gym almost as much as my 3 kids and hubby. I’m a big fan of Welsh rugby, even though I am English; Sshhhh, don’t tell anyone!

    • Jacqui


      I love long countryside walks in wellies, prosecco, shoes and chocolate!

    • Sophie Enever


      I am a true fitness enthusiast, but you can regularly catch me cuddled up watching a chic flick too!

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    • Twitter Craig Heron

      Congratulations @feelingupbeat on creating the best tasting protein drink ever! It has made my day! #nutrition

      Upbeat - Craig Heron
    • Twitter Teresa Banks

      Yahoo I found one! It’s lush! Thanks @feelingupbeat for my new breakfasts! #highprotein #lowfat

      Upbeat - Teresa Banks
    • Twitter Lewis Briscoe

      @feelingupbeat I recommend your drinks to my clients, post workout and snack. Great product.

    • Twitter Rachael Liddle

      @feelingupbeat I’m dead impressed with the strawberry flavour, it’s nice to have a recovery drink that tastes nice after a long run :)

    • Facebook Justine Johnstone

      Dear Upbeat I love your dairy drinks. They are a real lifesaver for me and a really invaluable way to get my protein intake!! Thank you so much

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