• A bit of extra willpower

    Nothing beats the goodness of dairy. That’s the belief and passion our family business has been built on for generations. That’s why we made Upbeat - it’s a protein drink, but not as you know it. Made with just the right amount of whey protein from British milk that’ll make you feel UPBEATABLE as well as the UNBEATABLE taste of real fruit.

    Upbeat can help you start your day, get through it or drink pre or post exercise with the magic of whey protein! You might feel sustained, energized, or stronger like you’ve kicked the lethargy into touch… so Up your game and be at your personal best.

    Fresh from British Milk
    • 20g of whey protein
    • Only naturally occurring sugar from milk & fruit
    • No more than 150 calories per bottle
    • Low in fat
    • Best tasting protein drink!
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  • find me chilling in the fridge upbeat bottle

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    Find me chilling in the fridges, in the dairy aisle or next to the sandwiches at selected Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury's, Boots, Holland & Barrett, The Co-operative Food, WH Smith Travel...and more!

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    • Mark Neville


      I love water. On it, in it or around it. Preferably with Laura and the kids... and a boat!

    • Mark Elderkin


      I am rugby mad (Harlequins season ticket holder). A keen road cyclist, my training regime involves running after my 6 & 3 year old kids!

    • Catherine Pillinger


      Proud Mum of 1, usually found playing with cars, dinosaurs, Nemo's Reef or watching the Octonauts and planning future family adventures

    • Jacqui


      I love long countryside walks in wellies, prosecco, shoes and chocolate!

    • Sophie Enever


      I am a true fitness enthusiast, but you can regularly catch me cuddled up watching a chic flick too!

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    • Twitter Craig Heron

      Congratulations @feelingupbeat on creating the best tasting protein drink ever! It has made my day! #nutrition

      Upbeat - Craig Heron
    • Twitter Teresa Banks

      Yahoo I found one! It’s lush! Thanks @feelingupbeat for my new breakfasts! #highprotein #lowfat

      Upbeat - Teresa Banks
    • Twitter Lewis Briscoe

      @feelingupbeat I recommend your drinks to my clients, post workout and snack. Great product.

    • Twitter Rachael Liddle

      @feelingupbeat I’m dead impressed with the strawberry flavour, it’s nice to have a recovery drink that tastes nice after a long run :)

    • Facebook Justine Johnstone

      Dear Upbeat I love your dairy drinks. They are a real lifesaver for me and a really invaluable way to get my protein intake!! Thank you so much

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find Upbeat