Why does Upbeat contain sweeteners?

The sugars in Upbeat come naturally from the whey (milk sugars), and some from the fruit. However, we needed to increase the sweetness a fraction so we added sucralose rather than more sugar in order to avoid increasing the calories further.

How much sugar, and what type of sugar is in Upbeat?

Upbeat has up to 12g of sugar per bottle (depending on the flavour). All the sugar in Upbeat is naturally occurring, the majority comes from the milk and the rest from the fruit - we don't add sugar. Upbeat has a low glycaemic index which means the sugars are slowly released into the blood.

Can Upbeat help as a source of protein for pregnant or breastfeeding women

Yes, actually, its recommended that you get more protein in your diet when pregnant and breastfeeding - Upbeat can be a convenient way of helping you reach your needs.

Great for Kids

Upbeat is a great source of protein for anyone over 3yrs old (children under 3yr’s have more specific dietary needs). Protein should be part of a balanced diet and is essential for children’s growth development. Calcium is also another essential nutrient in children, and Upbeat is a source of calcium.

Does Upbeat contain gluten and/or wheat ?

Upbeat does not contain wheat and is gluten-free

Is Upbeat vegetarian?

Yes, whey protein is found naturally in milk and all processes are considered suitable for vegetarians

Is Upbeat vegan?

No, Upbeat is made from whey which is found naturally in milk.

How many can I drink a day?

From a nutritional point of view it’s important to eat a range of different foods that contain protein to benefit from the other nutrients they provide, for example eggs also contain important fats and vitamin D.

So keep your intake to 1-2 Upbeats a day as part of a healthy balanced diet.

As it is a bigger portion size, does that mean more sugar / calories?

We tried our best to minimise the effect on the kcal and sugar – as such we only have 9kcal more and 1.2g of sugar (but it’s all naturally occurring of course!)

Does Upbeat contain Lactose?

Upbeat contains around 8g of lactose per bottle so it is not considered low lactose. Please ask your GP or nutritionist for more advice.

Why should I keep it chilled?

Because it’s a fresh dairy drink, milk at room temperature isn’t at its best.

I've opened it, how long will it last?

You should keep it in the fridge and it will last for 24 hours.

Can I recycle my Upbeat bottle?

Yes, the Upbeat bottle and lid are recyclable but not the sleeve.


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