Upbeat Protein Drinks discover the formula behind the most upbeat songs

A STAGGERING 40% of Brits say music makes them feel upbeat, trumping other pursuits such as dancing, shopping and even having sex, according to research by new high protein dairy drink Upbeat. Only one in five Brits said making love to their partner put them in an upbeat mood, behind music and eating their favourite foods (24%).

Interestingly, this trend is even more evident in women, with only one in eight getting that upbeat feeling through spending time in the bedroom. Furthermore over a quarter of men revealed they'd rather give up watching sport than listening to music.

The survey of 2,000 Brits voted Abba’s 1970s pop classic Dancing Queen as the UK's most upbeat song, with Billy Joel's peppy Uptown Girl and Gloria Gaynor's disco anthem I Will Survive following closely behind. The nation's top ten most upbeat tracks also includes The Beatles classic Hey Jude with The Beatles being rated as the most upbeat band.

Upbeat drinks teamed up with Dr Tomas Chamorro, Professor of Psychology at UCL, to uncover the secret mathematical formula for creating the ultimate upbeat track:

Upbeat Song Formula


Upbeat = major tonality + positive lyrics + moderate beats per minute + familiarity


Don't be blinded by the science. As Dr Chamorro explains: "I've identified the four key characteristics that all our upbeat songs share: they are in major tonality (), have positive lyrics (), moderate tempo - between 100-110 beats per minute () - and are very familiar ()."

The study also found that Brits believe listening to upbeat tracks make them feel happier about their life and self (64%), less stressed (49%) and more motivated to tackle the day ahead (42%). So it’s not surprising that a whopping 96% say upbeat music has a positive effect on their general mood.

Over half of respondents use music to help power them through their day with 50% of 18-24 year olds also suggesting that upbeat songs make them more productive in both learning and the workplace.

The study goes on to reveal that pop and rock music make Brits feel most upbeat and 48% of us listened to tunes whilst doing housework. Interestingly, only 7% of the same group cited classical music having the same positive effects.

Ivor Harrison, General Manager for The Good Whey Co., said, “We carried out this research to see whether upbeat music keeps the nation going, just as the protein does in Upbeat, our new high protein drink. We created an upbeat brand for upbeat people to help give them sustenance on the go. It’s great to know that in tough times upbeat songs help 50% of young people to be more productive when learning and at work – a bit like protein!!”